Line Creek Baptist Church was officially organized on Saturday, November 29, 1839. The original church constitution was signed by sixteen charter members, nine men and seven women. There have been at least five different buildings constructed since 1839, some of which were destroyed by fire and others were torn down to be replaced with new structures. Presently the church is housed in a modern brick building, which was dedicated Easter Sunday 1956. In 1972, the Merelin McCon Activity Center (i.e. gymnasium), located across from the church, was built with much volunteer labor, donated materials and money. Today it serves as an outreach of the church  in the community for Christian recreation and fellowship. The foundation for a much needed new fellowship hall was begun in the year 2000, and the building was completed during the early part of 2002. Line Creek Cemetery located across the road from the church has been in existence for many years. Although this cemetery is right by the church, it is a community cemetery  and does not belong to the church. The church has been blessed with the preservation of all its original minutes with the exception of a twenty year period around the Civil War era. That God has watched over and nourished Line Creek  Church in the past is quite obvious. Many wonderful saints have given untiring service to God through this church. The end is not in sight. With God's help Line Creek Baptist Church will always serve the community and will stand as a testimony of the presence of God in the midst of His people.


-The paragraph above is a summary consisting of exact statements  from the History Update compiled by Joan McDaniel in 2003.


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